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How to get from Segovia avanza bus station to City center??

I'm not exactly sure where the avanza bus from madrid drops us in segovia. The ticket says Segovia Estacio but there is another avanza bus station showing in maps (which is quite far from the aqueduct). is there any local transportation is segovia or taxi? Does anybody have any personal experiences?


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Are you aware that a train from Madrid's Chamartin Station will get you to Segovia in about 30 minutes--much, much faster than a bus?

Although I did not use any local buses in Segovia, I have found that European cities usually have a lot more local bus service than we would see in the US. There is likely to be bus service from near the bus drop-off point to the historic center, and there is virtually always a taxi stand outside a train or bus station.

I believe the Avanza bus will make a stop a Calle Jose Zorilla 123, which is about a 1-mile walk from the aqueduct. The train station (which is what I interpret "Estacio" to mean, though I could be wrong about that), is a bit farther from the aqueduct. However, it might be easier to identify the bus stop near the train station (pure speculation on my part).

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The main bus station listing on Google Maps does show Avanza buses parked in the station bays. This is the same bus station described in Rick's Spain guidebook for people arriving to Segovia. I'd expect that to be your destination, but of course you can confirm when boarding.

The other location found on Google maps, closer to the train station for the convenience of some passengers, appears to be the stop that Avanza's web site calls Segovia Zorill, stopping there about 4 minutes before reaching the Segovia Estacio de Autobuses.