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How Spain’s tourism industry is preparing for life after lockdown

Hi all, thought I would share this interesting English-language article from El Pais about how some sectors of the tourism industry may look like in Spain, once things start to slowly get back to "normal" -

With a few examples they explain how a "new-normal" may look like in the foreseeable future, for restaurants, bars, hotels in Spain. For example, a Sky Bar in Madrid will proceed like this - "Every patron will exist in their own bubble of hygiene: wearing gloves, a face mask, and separated from other patrons by a screen. If someone wants to go up to see the sunset, they will need to ask staff for permission and follow a safe route marked out on the floor of the rooftop bar, which is part of the five-star hotel Plaza España Design, of the VP hotel chain."

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Thanks for sharing Carlos, but ugh, I do find it depressing. And how am I supposed to eat Tapas wearing a face mask?🧐

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I'm not 100% sure lol! I presume you temporary take off the face mask to eat/drink. In the short term, tapas bars are certainly going to look, feel, and sound much different with these changes (if fully implemented).

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Oh Carlos. I too find this hard to see. I’m hoping for a better solutions medically but I understand that all business have to try to resume in some “safe” way. Thanks for sharing the article.

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I think we are going to see people dealing with it much like the Asian countries, I've seen people wearing face masks in restaurants in South Korea and Asia. Weird, yes, but it's the new normal especially if the second wave is coming in the fall as expected.

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My favorite line from the article:

There is still no information about the measures hotels and
restaurants in Spain will have to apply when they are allowed to
reopen, nor is it known when they will be back in business.

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Followed by:

Despite this, Pérez Jiménez thinks that meeting the legal minimum of hygiene standards will not be enough for a luxury hotel such as Plaza España Design. He has been planning how to reorganize common spaces in the hotel to minimize contact with other people, and has contacted personal protective equipment companies about buying supplies.

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It's an interesting article.
However, as is usual, while luxury hotel proprietors fret at length about the health and safety of their customers, not one word about the health and safety of their employees. Greed is greed is greed.
Greed is not good — despite what 30 and more years of U.S. neo-liberal conservative propaganda may have given you to believe.
Greed got us here — humility may help us out. All the best to you, your family, nearest and dearest. Be safe, be wise, be cheerful.

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Thank you Carlos for sharing. It is surreal to think how much travel and tourism is going to change not only in Spain, but around the globe.