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How soon in advance to book restaurant reservations in Spain?

I am almost finished doing our full itinerary for our upcoming three week trip to Spain. Outside of airbnb's, car rental, and Alhambra tickets, I haven't reserved anything else. I have restaurants and attractions scheduled into our calendar but these were thoughts to be more of a guideline and options for us. We will be there from Feb 19 - March 11.

Once I know how soon in advance to book, how do people make these reservations? By email? My Spanish isn't great, so I wouldn't feel confident making a phone call.

How does everyone handle reservations?

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We don't usually worry about making restaurant reservations, but after having some trouble finding restaurants on our last couple of trips to Europe, I do find myself making a few for our upcoming trip to Italy.

I too am not comfortable using the telephone in a foreign language, so I've been making reservations by email. I've made 3 reservations this way, and have received confirmations from all three restaurants. Two of the emails I actually wrote in Italian; one was answered in English, the other in Italian.

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If you have a specific restaurant that you want to go to on a specific day, I would make a reservation. Most of the restaurants have a website where you can make the reservation online in English.

There is also The Fork, where, for reservations. It's pretty easy to use. They will send you a remainder the day before your reservation. You can cancel without penalty.

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I’ve never made a restaurant reservation in Spain, because I never know where and when I’ll be at a particular time. I may not even be hungry at the appointed time. Unless there’s a specific restaurant that is so popular you need reservations, play it by ear and start looking for a place to eat when you start getting hungry. I’d hate being someplace and enjoying it, yet have to leave just to make it to a restaurant by a certain time. Essentially, we don’t like being on that type schedule.

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Making restaurant reservations ahead of time is new to us, and I'm feeling a little conflicted about it.

But I got to thinking how nice it would be to not have to hunt to find dinner our first night in Rome, when we'll be so tired. Then I thought about how the last couple of times we were in Rome we had trouble finding a nice place on Sunday night. Then I remembered how much trouble we had last year in Reims finding someplace nice without having made a reservation...

And then I realized that a reservation made can always be cancelled. So if spontaneity wins the day, I can shoot an email to whatever restaurant thanking them, and cancelling.

We'll see how it works. I've made reservations at three places in Rome: two of them are places we've been before (years ago,) and are close to our pre-tour hotel; the third is a well-reviewed place that is open for Sunday dinner, and is way across town.

And if we change our minds, I will politely cancel.

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A lot of times the hotel staff can suggest a restaurant and make reservations for you. We found a spectacular restaurant in Valencia (La Riua). It was suggested by the hotel and they made the reservations for us. We plan to go again - it was that good. Also, as I was trying to remember the name of the restaurant, I was looking at TripAdvisor and, lo and behold, they had button to make reservations at some restaurants. Buen provecho!

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We just got back from Spain and I also made a few reservations ahead of time. I found recommendations on and other travel sites. Lots of times there was a reservation link on the website of the restaurant.if not I would email them in English and they would reply. Worked well!

Good luck!