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How old is senior in Spain

I want to purchase tickets for a visit to Sagrada Familia - they note that there is a senior price but do not identify the age restrictions - does anyone know what it is - 60, 65 or??

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In Spain, as I remember, it was 60. Most discounts for seniors are restricted to EU citizens but Spain gives it to everyone. You may have to show your passport for the discounts. We always did.

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It's 65 -just confirmed over the phone- and you might be asked to produce a valid official ID (passport or national ID). For a summary info on prices for 2015:

In fact, 65 is (was) the official age for retirement (for the next generation now is 67!) which entitles to discounts at most attractions publicly run (City Hall or government agencies) and some run privately (ie. Sagrada Família or Casa Batlló among other). It also entitles to a reduced fare on public transportation, but for the later you need a special card which is only issued to the over 65 city residents.

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Thank you for the info. I am finding most places in Spain and Italy are using 65 as the senior standard.

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65 in most instances.

if you are disabled there might be a different discount - usually for admission, and not for the audio guides, bookstores. Train is 60 or 62 to purchase the senior discount pass.. Need your passport to do this, and there is a discount on the trains, need not purchase in advance.

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By the way, we were able to use our driver's licenses at the Prado and Reina Sofia instead of our passports. We were never turned down for the senior discount.