How far in advance can you book RENFE tickets?

I'll be traveling by Train from Madrid to Pamplona on September 27th, and from Burgos to Madrid on October 4th.

Unfortunately, the RENFE website does not allow you to view schedules that far in advance, and I found out last year that the schedules do change around that time of year. Does anyone happen to know when I should check back?

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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They are selling Madrid to Burgos up through Sept. 20 right now, with promo fares as low as €17,65 some days, €23,55 on others.

I would check back every day for the 27th, as they are not always consistent in time of release. Some years back it was 62 days ahead, but now it seems more random.

Posted by Jenn
Rick Steves' Europe
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One can usually book a ticket 60-62 days out. Some trains leaving Madrid can be booked 120 days out. I would also look at for tickets instead of Renfe or check both for the better price.

Posted by Darcy
Lewiston, Idaho, USA
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Ryan, I think Jenn meant I've used them for a few of our tickets this year and it's a lot easier to use than Renfe!

Posted by Jody
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I used too. I had tried several times (20??) to do it different ways on the RENFE site and no luck. Petrabax was easy and quick. I was also able to call them when I had a question. Very helpful.

Posted by Allan
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Does anyone know the approx cost adder that petrabax adds on from the Spanish website prices?

Posted by Allan
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Figured out the only way I was able to book on RENFE (to save the markup on Petrabax), was to use a debit card that had a Verified by Visa password attached to the account for online transactions. I could not get my regular airline-branded Visa card to work on RENFE at all.