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Hotels in San Sebastian & Bilbao in Mid April

Good central location to walk around with great views. Have a 3 night stay before moving to Bilbao for 2 nights.
4 star ratings are good for the price range.

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For Bilbao, Barceló Nervión, Jardines de Albia Mercure, Abando, Coliseo, Petit Palace Arana, Miró, Ría de Bilbao...are all centrally located in Bilbao and have a good relationship quality/price.

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Any suggestions for hotels in San Sebastián. Will be coming from Paris via train for 3 nights in San Sebastián.

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Complicated, as they are normally quite expensive. A bit cheaper, NH Aranzazu, Barceló, Niza, Astoria 7, Amara Plaza and Arrizul Congress, Gorka, all central and should have a reasonable price. Good ones and expensive, Lasala Plaza, Londres and Maria Cristina are the obvious choices.

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Thanks for the hotel information Mikel.

Maybe you can help on this issue. My travel dates in Spain are April 18- May 6th.

I plan on taking train from Paris to San Sebastian for 4 nights. I keep hearing train is faster when you account for the lost time at airports.

Bilbao for 2 nights fly to Barcelona for 4 nights (side trip to Girona).

Granada by air? 2 nights
Seville by train 3 nights and finish in Madrid for 4 nights.

I'm not sure if this is the right order to go but we do have to depart from Madrid MAY 7th early flight.

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Three nights is short for Seville and probably won't allow time for even a day-trip to Cordoba. Whether you need 4 nights in Madrid depends on two things: your interest in art museums and your plans for side-trips (Toledo and Segovia being popular). Madrid by itself--absent its art museums--doesn't call for as much time as Seville.

You'll need to pin down your plans for Granada soon so you can your ticket to the Alhambra. They do sell out--sometimes more than a month in advance.

It is not urgent, but you should also get your ticket to the Alcazar in Seville ahead of time. You can do that online. The line to by tickets can easily be over an hour long, and it stretches across an uncovered plaza which can get unpleasantly warm. Rick has a tip in his guidebook for avoiding the long ticket line at the Seville Cathedral.

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So I have decided to stay at LASALA Plaza in San Sebastian for 3 nights. I shorten this stay by 1 night to add it Barcelona.
In Bilbao Gran Hotel Domaine for 2 nights.

I"m still wondering if from Bilbao I should fly to Madrid and work towards Seville for 3 nights and Granada for 2 nights and end up in Barcelona for my 5 nights

Now for Barcelona I was looking at Hotel Neri or NH GrandHotel Central (just started looking). 5 Nights

I have to end in MADRID 4 nights.

Please any suggestions?

The plan at this point is Bilboa to Barcelona, Granada, Seville and end in Madrid.