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Hotel recommendations near the Prado?

Budget. Just me, so only need a single. This will be early November. My focus in Madrid will be seeing the museums, so I’d like to be in that area: though will add on the Palace once I have soaked up enough Velasquez.

A female traveler, so I will be anxious if the neighborhood is iffy after dark. I know the train station is just south of there. In some cities (like Rome) the neighborhoods around the train station are sketchy. I’m a city dweller, but that neighborhood in Rome made me anxious. (My kids, who were teens then, still talk about it?!).

I will be arriving by train though, and taking at least one day trip to Toledo during my 3 day stay.

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Take a look at the Hotel Lope de Vega on Trip Advisor and at their own website

It's about a 15 minute walk from Atocha, and just a couple of blocks from the Prado and the Reina Sofia (Picasso's Guernica). It has one of my top 5 breakfast buffets, well worth the money.

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My mother and I stayed at Hostal Gonzalo ( in 2009 and really liked it. It's budget-friendly and near the Prado and Atocha. (I am cheap and have only gone to the Prado during its free hours--it's been enough for me.) We walked all over the historic center from that location, too, and did day-trips to Toledo and Segovia. (Madrid's subway system is easy to use.) I returned to Madrid alone in 2011 and wanted to stay at Hostal Gonzalo again, but they were full (so I ended up at Hostal Acapulco, closer to Puerta del Sol). We found Hostal Gonzalo in Rick's Spain book back then; don't know if it's still recommended in the 2014 edition.

For years, I stayed away from Spain (not speaking more than kindergarten Spanish and being worried about the language barrier--not sure why Spain intimidated me but not Croatia or Hungary), but I've now visited three times and enjoyed it so much. Have a great time!

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Spain was never high on my list of places I wanted to go. I don't speak spanish. But then I studied the Moorish monuments in art history and was hooked. I am touring the south first. Since I fly out of Madrid, I thought I might as well spend a few days there. Now I’m wishing I allowed more time!

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H'mm, half my original post disappered.

Thank you both! I will look into them. Kyla, how did you like Hostal Acapulco? Not as much as Hostal Gonzalo? Thanks again

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Along the right-hand side of Calle de Atocha as you leave the train station area circle are a couple of business-traveler hotels that sometimes have great deals on the weekends, may not be full other times, too. They look fashion-forward but the staffs are pretty nice folks.

Check out the walking tour/seminars given by Context Travel -- they include coverage of Moorish sites over-and-above the obvious.

Speaking of non-obvious Moorish, check out Plaza de la Paja, but also poke around in the courtyards stemming off from it, too, to find some untrammeled walled gardens (don't tell anybody else, though!)

The 'iffy' spots happen to be the ones you should seek out first -- the bars around the Lavapies stop have the best tapas at the best prices. Spend your money there, not at the Plaza Mayor or near the Prado.

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Thanks for the tips! Besides seeing the museums, I would love a walking tour.