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Hotel outside Madrid, on the way south

We are flying into Madrid, renting a car and driving south toward Sevilla (actual destination is Santa Olalla del Cala). We’re renting a car because we’re bringing our bicycles with us, in cardboard boxes, on the airplane, and long distance public transport with bicycles seems close to impossible. I don’t want to drive far the first day and don’t want to drive into Madrid. I’m looking for suggestions for a hotel or hostal with parking that’s within about an hour of Madrid and easy to get to from the A-5 south. If it also happens to be in area that’s pleasant to walk around and has some shops and sights, that’s all the better. But the big priority is that it’s super easy to find and park since we aren’t great at dealing with traffic and navigating and we’ll be exhausted from the flight, etc.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Not specifically what you’re after but I’ll suggest the Parador de Toledo. It’s an hour from the airport, outside of the historic center of Toledo, so less traffic, and has plenty of free parking. Unfortunately, it is about a 30 minutes drive from the A-5. If you wanted a town just off the A-5, then possibly Talavera de la Reina, but it’s 1.5 hours from the airport.

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Me too! I'd much rather take the train to Sevilla but I don't think we can bring our bikes on the high speed train.