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Hotel ideas for Cordoba & Figueres - Nov 21

Well - I continue to dream that the clouds will part, travel gods will smile - and we will be able to travel from the US to Spain & Portugal this Fall. Do have our vaccines complete - so that is off the to-be-done checklist. I'm working with an agency in Portugal (Portugal Trails) for some activities - so am keeping up to date on restrictions/requirements - no deposit reservations.. etc.

That said- Hoping for a first visit to Cordoba, Madrid & Figueres.. (plus return to Barcelona) for about 11 nights starting Nov. 4th. This will be after about 4 weeks in Portugal - so no jet lag issues etc..

Plan is;

Nov. 4: morning - Flight - Porto - Seville and train to Cordoba 3 nights 2 1/2 days Relax wander and do the RS walks

Nov. 8: Train to Madrid 4 nights 3 1/2 days Relax, wander, Prado -of course, walks maybe DT to Segovia via train?)

Nov. 11: Train to Figueres 2 nights 1 1/2 days Visit Dali sites in town and if weather cooperates - bus to Cadaques on full day

Nov. 13: Train to Barcelona 2 nights 1 1/2 days Have spent about 2 weeks in past, seen most main sights. If it's open - will make 3rd visit to Sagrada Familia - DH's all time fav. Love to see construction progress. Barc. is for R&R before heading home late on the 15th.

I have the RS guides for Spain - have used it for our last 3 visits (and Portugal)... and have selected our hotel for Barcelona (Hotel Continental Palacete). Have seen many recommendations on the forum for Madrid, which I will check on.

BUT - NEED ASSISTANCE finding good hotel options in Cordoba and Figueres. Any hints..

My target budget is around $100/120 US per night. Love to find for less $$. Bigger want is convenience either to transportation or local sights. Don't mind climbing a flight or 2 for a wonderful location or view. Certainly don't plan to need AC in November (??).

Thanks for your experienced inputs!

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We usually prefer Boutique hotels. But, in Cordoba, after much searching I decided on a European Chain and we stayed at the NH Collection Amistad, Cordoba. It is within the historic walls. Easy walk outside the wall (it's actually built right into the wall I think), easy walk to the Mezquita. It is clean and modern but had a lot of quaint areas & courtyards, including a really nice courtyard where we had dessert and a late night drink one night. I would definitely stay here again if in Cordoba. We went in June of 2017 and it was $129/night (that included tax). Not sure of the rates now and in the Fall.

Also, if you are 4 days in Madrid, consider the 1 hour train to Toledo for a day trip.

I know you had options for Madrid, we stayed at Hotel Europa with a balcony overlooking Puerta del Sol. We love being in the heart of the action. We were endlessly amused by the goings on in the Puerta.

I love Spain!

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I don't often recommend hotels on the forum because I'm cheap and don't mind staying in rooms that are very plain and small. However, I gather there are two of you and doubles are usually nicer than singles. I stayed at the Hotel Duran in Figueres in 2019. Honestly, I don't remember anything at all about the room, so I encourage you to do what I did: Go to and read a bunch of reviews. The hotel isn't terribly far from the Dali Theatre-Museum. It's also close to one of the stops for the bus coming in from the AVE station (Figueres Vilafont)--a distance of roughly 1 mile, I'd guess--but it may have seemed longer than it was since I was pulling a bag. I believe the same bus goes on to the regular train station (just called "Figueres"), which is probably a bit closer. Buses to Cadaques depart from near the Figueres Station, as I recall.

Note that the bus runs to its schedule even if the train is late, so if you aren't prepared to roll your bags for quite some distance, it would be a good idea to have the telephone number of a local taxi or two. I think I may have been the only person getting off the (late) train at Vilafont, and I don't remember seeing taxis waiting at the station--though I may have stopped to use the restroom before heading out.

The restaurant in the Hotel Duran fancies itself a sort of gourmet spot. It's not expensive (else I wouldn't have eaten there), but I still thought my meal was disappointing. Based on that one experience, I can't recommend it.

I spent more time in the Dali Museum than I had expected to, as a non-fan of surrealism. It turned out there was non-surrealist art I enjoyed, and the place was larger than I had assumed. There was also a tour group that arrived 15 or 20 minutes after I did and cluttered the area I was in, causing me to escape to the top floor until they left. Then I spent longer than I'm sure most people do in the blissfully empty jewelry collection (at least 30 minutes, maybe 45). Figueres isn't terribly exciting beyond those two sights; there are better places to spend your extra time. One of them is Cadaques. If the weather doesn't cooperate, you can substitute Girona if you haven't already been there. I'd be tempted to recommend staying in Girona and day-tripping to Figueres, but hotels in Girona are likely to be considerably more expensive, and and Figueres is a better base for a day-trip to Cadaques. You wouldn't really have time to do all three in any case.

Segovia is certainly worth a day-trip from Madrid; to me it's even worth an overnight stay. I rate Toledo even higher (and it's worth a multi-night stay), but perhaps you've already been there.

I recommend the Sant Pau modernista site in Barcelona if you haven't already seen it.

Edited to add: Get your Dali Museum ticket in advance. The day before might be early enough but I can't absolutely promise. You don't want to show up and be told to come back in 2 hours; there's just not that much to do in Figueres (that I found). However, the jewelry collection folks told be it is OK to go there before the time on your museum ticket, which could be useful to know.

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When I went to Cordoba for one night in February 2018, my sister in law and I stayed at the NH Cordoba Califa. It was a nice modern hotel, very clean and comfortable, and was only 48 Euro for a standard, two twin bed room.

The Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres was interesting and even though I'm not a Dali fan, I enjoyed it. However, because my friends and I arrived in Figueres several hours before our admission time to the Dali Museum, we decided to go to the Sant Ferran Castle for a few hours. It is located less than a mile from the Dali Museum and was very interesting. It is basically a large military fortress built in the eighteenth century and we practically had the whole place to ourselves. The day we went, it was cloudy and made for some wonderful, moody photos of the fortress. On this trip (Sept. 2017) I was with two of my friends (all females, 60's) and we all were very glad we spent a few hours there.

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I also enjoyed the Europa in Madrid. It's walking distance to the museums, though uphill on the return. The Thyssen Museum is my favorite, more or less picks up where the Prado leaves off, mostly Impressionism. And a bit farther along the boulevard is the excellent Naval Museum (be sure to have passports with you).

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If we get to Porto we were looking at the Yeatman Hotel once we can travel again. We also looked at Pestana Palácio do Freixo, but it’s a couple miles from downtown. In Madrid we generally stay at Hotel Europa at the Puerta del Sol. I agree that the NH hotels are generally good choices. Not quite as close to the historic center of Cordoba is the Parador de Córdoba. I picked a couple dates in November at it was about $90 a night.

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I used a RS recommended 'hostal' in Cordoba. I am of 2 minds about it. My body was hurting by then and my small single room was not conducive to comfort. Bed was hard and no where to sit other than a hard desk chair. However if you just need a bed and good location it could work. Just down the block from the Mesquita so the early morning free hour is accessible. It ticks the other boxes of clean and efficient. There is an eatery in the inner courtyard with evening music, but not late hours so you can sleep.
I know, not a raving review, but I typically stay longer and use apartments bit this was one of the few shorter visits that resulted in a hotel. It may be more than adequate as a double room

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I'd opt for Hotel Eurostars Maimonides, literally 5 feet away from the entrance to the Mezquita, the best location in Cordoba bar non! And currently going for around €47 a night, let's hope they survive for the foreseeable future.

Also, instead of staying in Figueres, I would stay in Girona, a much more interesting town, and you can easily day trip from there to the Dali museum and then Cadaqués all in the same day.

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Thanks to all of you for the great input.
I had looked at the Hotel Duran (Figueres) - and will probably book there. Thanks for the rec.. Interesting that on Booking.... they push their 1/2 board at a much better rate than on their own website. Maybe it's a dif. menu. Will look into the castle to explore. Do hope the weather cooperates and we can get to Cadaques.
Lots of choices for Cordoba - $ and location. I'm torn between "basic" next to the Mezquita (Eurostars Maimonides), a bit of charm at a great $ a bit farther away (NH Cordoba Califa), or a real showstopper - (Las Casas de la Judea de Cordoba)...

In Madrid - think I'll try to find something close to Atocha Station. We have been to Toledo so the day trip to Segovia might happen. Or we will just wander and relax - and dodge rain storms that seem to attack us for a few days each visit. I don't bother bringing an umbrella from home - since it is never in my bag when I need it. Only thing I buy from the street hawkers - and I think I now have 3 or 4 - or maybe 6... :-0

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Did you know you will be in Madrid for their saint's day Nov 9? Speeches in the central plaza with groups in their regional dress. Then a parade, but it wasn't a prompt start, so I missed it. Visited the Palace instead before the local crowds.
2017 I needed gloves and scarf and wished for a hat. Also went to Segovia but shifted the day, because of snow and wind. Next day was warmer and beautiful sun. I took the slower direct milk train from Atocha (I had an apartment 3 blocks away) and it was an enjoyable trip watching weekend life happen in the rural communities. Returned on the fast train, but it means a change along the way.

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Another good, nearby day-trip from Madrid is Alcala de Henares. It's a university town with a very nice historic center; prettier than Madrid's, I think. I don't know about now, but in 2016 there were very frequent local trains making the run, even on weekends.

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We stayed at Las Casas de la Juderia de Cordoba when we were in Cordoba 3 years ago. Not only is the hotel lovely, immaculate and quiet., but it is housed within a 16th-century palace and five adjoining houses, which are linked by a series of small patios and terraces and fountains and quietly running water. The staff are wonderful, warm and friendly. The location is amazing within easy walking distance of La Mezquita, the Alcazar and the Córdoba Synagogue. In the 20 years we have been traveling, this is one of our top 5 favorite hotels in the world

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I was very happy with my stay at Hostal Almanzor in Cordoba. It's small family-run hostal (not a hostel) and was very reasonably priced and comfortable. It's a very short walk to the Mezquita, and of import to us as we had a car, has available parking in a private garage a little bit way.

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Thank you all!!
Maria - I did see your mention of the Nov 9th celebration of Saint's Day in Madrid on a previous post - and specifically made that date fit the "path". Looking forward to the events. Would you let me know where the most activities happened?

I am now officially torn between spectacular or budget friendly for Cordoba. There are way more good recommendations than I expected. Will have to weigh the entire trip costs - to see if there is splurge wiggle room for beautiful Las Casas de la Juderia, sore feet & steps saved for location of Eurostars Maimonides or fun/budget of Hostal Almanzor (3 nights for the $ of 1 at the other 2).

I believe that the Hotel Duran (Figueres) will be the stop of choice for our 2 nights there. Won't have a car so need something pretty central.

Just learned another couple might join us for this portion of the trip. We have traveled with them - a lot- so will just give them my choices and dates - and let them tag along. Love train transportation for that reason - no need to deal with huge vehicles if extras want to come at the "last" minute.