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Home Exchange Cancelled

We had a 3 week home exchange agreement in place in Malaga for 3 weeks beginning late April. Our exchange partners agreed to a cancellation as they were booked on flights out of Amsterdam and back into London. The bright side is that we’ve agreed to postpone it for a year, setting it up for approximately the same time next year. Disappointed but at the same time relieved. There’s always ext year!

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Who did you go through for your home exchange? Have you done it before? Really interested in this type of vacationing, but I need to convince my husband :)

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I too would be interested in learning about the process you went through. My sense is that both parties should live somewhere desirable for vacationing? ;)

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We’ve done 17 home exchanges since 2010 and have 2 more scheduled later this year. We use 3 websites,, Intervac, and HomeLink. Check out this websites for more information. PM me if you want more details. We’ve exchanged in England (twice), Ireland (twice), The Netherlands (twice), Denmark (twice), Germany (twice), Austria, Norway, California, Utah, North Carolina, France. Our Spanish exchange has been moved to 2021. Our 2020 exchanges are in South Carolina, Scotland, and California.

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I also am an active home exchanger - 14 exchanges in 12 years and another one planned for this summer in Amsterdam. We use and People Like Us. is a huge site with tens of thousands of listings. People Like Us is smaller but a lovely, caring community of wonderful people who are very like-minded about the concept. We've swapped homes in France 3 times, Norway, Prague, Thailand, St. Maarten, Virginia, Quebec, Mammoth Lakes, London, etc. - it's an amazing way to travel and makes it very inexpensive. We love staying in a home, grocery shopping, getting to know the neighbors, and all the other things that come with temporarily living in a place. Highly recommend!

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We are active home exchangers too, since 1995 with the oldest organization, and homeforexchange. So far with almost 30 exchanges we’ve never had to cancel one but this summer we have a 3 week exchange in Bavaria. We emailed the exchanger just this week to see how they were doing and state that we were still wanting to do the exchange if our government allowed and flights had resumed. They sent a lovely email back letting us know how life was going with them and that they really wanted to exchange too if we were all able. So far we didn’t talk of rescheduling it for another year but we may, if forced to cancel.

Exchanging is a lovely way to make lasting connections with people and communities. Just this week I texted a former exchanger in Milan to see how they were doing and got the answer back that I was hoping for, that they’ve left Milan and gone into isolation at their stone house near the border of Switzerland. It’s in a Wallis village of only 170 people but I can picture them safely there as we spent a week in that special stone home.

Hopefully you’ll be able to help your Spanish exchangers dream about safer times and your future exchange with them.