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Hold a hotel reservation by making a bank deposit?? Please advise!

I've been corresponding with a small Spanish hotel owner/ representative and have been asked to make an advance payment for the first night to hold the 5 day reservation. The advance payment seems reasonable, but I was surprised to find the email requesting payment provided "our bank details to make a bank deposit" followed by full name, "Swift Code" and International Bank Account Number. (The later two items were unfamiliar to me but Google helped out). Is this an safe way to provide payment? By what mechanism could I do so, credit card? Paypal?

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Please see this recent thread:

If you are determined to deal with local folk, consider the list in Rick's books. They have a realistic approach to international commerce. Your subject hotel does not. BTW, have you done a little searching to see if the hotel is a member of a Spanish Hotel website that might make it easier to reserve, even if, say, 5% more expensive?

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I used PayPal last month, and it was fine - and a lot cheaper than a wire transfer from my bank. PayPal only needs the name and email of the hotel - they contact them directly and arrange the money transfer.

Others have used

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Thanks for this advice. I have a Paypal account and will give it a try.