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Higher temps and more bodies means...........

Spain is experiencing above normal temps and the trend is expected to continue throughout the summer. You can use this link to check out local projected temps for your destinations:
Meanwhile tourist traffic is already up nine (9) percent in Spain over last year. You can check out this news article for verification:
And you can do something about these issues to aide your journey!
Slow down and become a Spaniard!
Start by recognizing the concept of "siesta" should appy to your travels and remove yourself from the heat of the day. Sure, time is money and we all spend plenty of money to place ourselves out and about on these travels, but........ Planning your journey to take care of your body by removing it from the crush of humanity in swealtering heat is a sensible thing to do.
Recognize Spain operates much later into the evening and offers opportunities to immerse yourself into their culture. So start by immediately changing from your normal tummy feeding patterns and get onto the Spanish clock for eating and then strolling during cooler evening temps. Small tip: look for restaurants which offer outside seating and take note if the pavement has been washed (this is how the heat collected in the pavement is dispensed to offer a cooler area for outdoor seating) and observe if a table is available adjacent to the building near the entry to a cellar (often the cool air from the cellar will escape up at this point to under the table).
Purchase light travel clothing. I travel wearing long sleeve shirts and pants designed for sports enthusiast (think in terms of the brand Columbia found at Sports Authority). The lighter clothing offers breathable fabrics available in many colors, ample zippered pockets and protects my arms and legs from the sun. Plus this type of clothing is ez to roll, pack, shake out the wrinkles and is ez to wash in a sink/shower (plus ez to quickly dry). Wear lighter breathable shoes. We avoid tennis stlye shoes since they absorb heat into your feet. We wear lighter leather material shoes and use absorbent insoles to maintain dry feet. Shoe weight and insole comfort is huge on our list of criteria for selecting footwear.

Treat yourself like a car by waxing the body, keeping the fluids topped off and fuel in the tank. Add hat, lubricate skin with sunscreen lotion and add ample water to internal body OFTEN to assist body mechanics from overheating. Plus snack on fruit and nuts throughout the day. Small tip: go shopping for "conditioned air". El Corte Ingles is the Spanish equal to Macy's department stores and offers: air conditioning, bathrooms starting on the upper floors in the building corners and often a full grocery in the basement. So when you have the opportunity do a little window shopping inside stores offering a/c.
Cover less territory....... "Groan!" Folks hate this tip. But as the temperature rises and the body count increases the reality becomes the opportunity for journey enjoyment diminishes. Slow down, absorb more, let humanity flow past you and accept you will "never see it all", but you can take the time to enjoy what you came to see.

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Very informative, thank you--and now that I'm one week back from this year's trip I'm starting to day-dream about next year's--and Spain is the current contender.

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Excellent advice! I didn't think we could do the "later" dinner hour but we did just fine. Even when you are used to heat, there is something about the Spanish mid- day heat that is different and this is coming from someone who lives in Vegas part time. That siesta time is a nice break.

I would also encourage starting the day early. Skip the leisurely breakfast and get going. It looks like there is a big difference between getting to an attraction at opening or an hour later.