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High Speed Train Barcelona to Seville

Can anyone please confirm my understanding. I am trying to book a one way ticket from Barcelona to Seville on September 10 on a high speed train. I have read that Renfe sometimes doesn’t open their schedules for 90 days. Today on Trainline I saw that Train 3940 is available for booking on September 10th, the day I want to book. This has zero stops, and takes 6 hours and 22 minutes. I thought that the total travel on the high speed was 5 hours and 44 minutes. Can someone please confirm that this is a high speed and travel time is correct? I’m just confused because of the travel time and booking window that’s farther out. Thank you.

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I just searched for the same train. The official Renfe website states that usual times can change due to works from 1 July until 30 Sep. That is why it takes a bit longer, but otherwise it is the right train.
If the RENFE website works for you, give it a try first, as I believe Trainline charges a small booking fee.

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I found that using the sites, and much easier than the renfe site. Plenty of good info and links on the other sites. Renfe seems to be a great system but the website can be confusing at times.

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We chose to fly on Vueling instead of taking train. Under 2 hours and price was reasonable if you book early.

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It's highly unlikely that Renfe has a train from Barcelona to Seville that doesn't stop in Madrid. Stops in Zaragoza and Cordoba are also likely. You might not need to change trains, but fairly often that will be necessary. I see changes in Madrid on departures taking just 5 hr. 34 min. and 5 hr. 44 min.

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This has zero stops, and takes 6 hours and 22 minutes

I count 6 stops on Train 3940. Surprisingly, Madrid is not one of them.

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I see the same train and it does avoid Madrid- stops at Tarragona, Lerida, Zaragoza, Ciudad Real and Cordoba. It's high speed as it covers 1154 km in just over 6 hours- about 790 miles.
There is a far more frequent service by changing in Madrid.