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Help with Real Alcazar Sevilla tickets

I am trying to get tickets to visit Real Alcazar Sevilla in April- we could do 4/14, 4/15 or 4/16.
The April calendar does come up on the site but only ticket being offered is the Roofs and Upper Gallery.

Am I too late? Could they be sold out? or am I too early?
If too early (fingers crossed) does anyone know when tickets are released?

I did see an old post where a closure was mentioned because the King was there- could that be happening in April?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It looks as of they just haven't loaded the basic entry tickets yet. I haven't heard that those usually sell out, but rather that the ticket line is generally really long (which I observed myself in 2019).

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We were there in September. just used the app an hour before to get a timed ticket. I really did not get the sense they ever "sell out". Same with the Cathedral.

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We are in Seville at the moment and went to the Real Alcazar two days ago. We bought our tickets using the website the night before based on the weather forecast. Unfortunately for us the weather forecast was wrong and rain meant we didn't get to really enjoy the gardens.

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Tickets for our date actually became available the day after I posted this question!
I have already purchased them online.