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Help for Advance Tickets to Alcazar in Sevilla

Using the official website for the Alcazar in Sevilla, I can't get past February for advance tickets. I need them for May. Does the website only do one month at a time or am I missing something? I am about ready to just call overseas.

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I recently booked tickets for the Alcazar and the Cathedral for March. I think I had to wait until after February 1 to book tickets for March for the Alcazar so they should be showing March bookings. I did have to exit and try a couple of times. Is there a contact email address? I emailed the Cathedral and got a timely response so you might have some luck that way. With all the talk of tickets being sold out, it's worrisome to not see your dates. Good luck getting your tickets.

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As of last April (Holy Week), I was able to buy my Alcazar ticket online the day before my visit. To my knowledge, it's only the tour of the private apartments that sells out way in advance--and none of the sources I checked indicated that tour was a big deal at all. I don't think you have anything to worry about. You need to get a ticket in advance to avoid a really long line across an uncovered plaza (so potentially very hot), not because the tickets will sell out really early.

I trust that someone will speak up if there's a reason to think the situation will be different in May, but I have never read anything on this forum to suggest that.

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Thanks for the replies. Followed advice and emailed them. Learned they do not sell tickets more than one month in advance.