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Heads Up Re: New Low-Cost High-Speed Train Service: AVLO

Hi, before buying train tickets tickets for Madrid Barcelona or Madrid Zaragoza Barcelona it is worth checking the new low-cost high-speed Avlo service. Here’s a link to the website:

Tickets on sale now are for travel between April 6th and August 31st.
Tickets for adults can be as low as 5€ IF you book during a promotion. Next promotion TODAY Jan 28th at 8pm Madrid time when there will be 1,000 tickets priced at 5€ available.
Outside the promotions (yesterday’s promotion caused the website to collapse) ticket prices will vary from 10€ to 60€ one-way for adults depending on demand. Tickets for kids under 14 will be priced at a static 5€.
Four trains a day in both directions, with two non-stop Madrid-Barcelona and two calling at Zaragoza.
The price of selecting and reserving a seat is an additional 8€. No cafeteria or refreshment trolley service — however, there will be food and drink vending machines. There are luggage restrictions — one piece of hand luggage and one case no larger than 85x60x35 cm, but if you pay an extra 10€ when purchasing your ticket (or 15€ after buying your ticket) you can add another suitcase.
You cannot change times with a basic ticket — but if you pay an additional 8€ when purchasing your ticket then you can change times. There is a 2 hour grace period after purchase in which you can cancel your purchase at no cost/loss.
If the train is more than 1 hour late you can claim 50% of the ticket price paid. If the train is more than 90 minutes late you can claim 100% of price paid.
When travelling you will need to have you the I.d. document you used when purchasing your ticket.
Here’s the website again:

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