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Granada to Lisbon

My husband and I are meeting our daughter in Granada on Saturday 10/21. We will tour the Alhambra on Sunday 10/22. We have no plans yet for Monday 10/23 until our arrival on Friday 10/27 in Lisbon. We depart Lisbon on Tuesday 19/31.
I have visited Sevilla, Madrid and Toledo. Loved stepping back in time in Toledo, the walkable city sights of Madrid, and the picturesque sites of Sevilla. Loved the parks! This is my husband's first trip to Spain. My daughter has lived in Madrid for 3 years. Looking for suggestions for travel from Granada to Lisbon.

Stay 2 or 3 nights in Granada?
Drive, train or bus to Sevilla?
2 or 3 nights in Sevilla, then fly to Lisbon?
If we drive from Granada to Sevilla, should we go along coast to Nerja, see Ronda along the way?
We're healthy, mature adults, enjoy walking, meeting locals, history, nature.

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You haven't been to Cordoba? By train, Cordoba's on the way from Granada to either Seville or Madrid.

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Lisbon can be inconvenient to get to. I suggest air from a major airport, bought well in advance. Without doing actual research myself, I lean towards Madrid for air reasons, but I also like Madrid a lot. I can't see leaving it out from your husband's visit. I'm sure you missed many things, like the by-tour-only Convents, or the Accademia des Bellas Artes museum. FWIW, we drove from Seville to Granada via Arcos and Ronda. Ronda is not near the coast. Rick loves Nerja, but I've never been there. We used one of our 3 days in Ronda to drive to Gibraltar, but it was long and tedious.

Are you not saying, "Our daughter is studying in Granada all semester, and we are meeting a cruise in Lisbon?"

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Thank-you for the information and advice! My husband and I will have 3 days in Madrid prior to Granada. I have been to Cordoba and enjoyed seeing the Mezquita. We are scheduled to be in Lisbon to meet another group for work and pleasure beginning Saturday 10/28.