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Granada - Alhambra tickets May 1 2020

I've attempted to purchases standard 14 Euro Alhambra tickets directly from the Alhambra. The May calendar will not be available until March 1 (per their web tech support). I know it's only a week away, but I really want to get this settled NOW! :)

Alhambra tech support included this link as explanation on why I could not get May tickets yet. I was unable to translate.

Question: Several, but not all guided tour operations that I've searched for online are currently booking tours for May 1. Does anyone know if they can actually do this.... the tour outfits might be exempt from the purchases blackout? My concern is that I would arrive for our 2 nights in Granada and not be able to see the Alhambra because a tour company was 'betting' on getting tickets. I am suspicious since some tours are not booking May.

Thanks, TJ

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It's weird that they sent you a 14-page document.

I really do not recommend a tour of the Alhambra unless it is your only option, which it is certainly not in your case. You'll be able to buy tickets soon.

The reason I don't like the idea of a tour is that you'll have to move along at the pace of the tour leader. The Alhambra is extremely popular and thus crowded, which means you may want to spend some extra time in some areas (highly likely in the gorgeous Nasrid Palaces) to get a better look at them, and you will definitely have to do that if you want to get some photos that don't also contain a lot of other tourists. On a tour you won't have that flexibility.

The other issue with a tour is that several parts of the Alhambra (including the Nasrid Palaces) are controlled-entry. You can only enter them one time. So if you are rushed through an area and want to return to it after the tour ends, you will not be able to do that if it's one of the single-entry places.

So for me, unless you want to spring for a long private tour ($$$), a tour is less desirable than the cheap (14-euro) General ticket for the Alhambra complex. There's an audio guide available at a reasonable additional cost, and I recommend it.