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Good place in Barcelona to Taste Cheese

I'd like to ask for experts where can i get a good number of Spain's Chesses to Taste in Barcelona?

Thanks for all possible information...

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Hi again Valente!

Ah yes Michael, that's a good link. It's a very tiny shop in a small alley by the heart of the Old City which is run by a nice Scottish woman, Katherine, who's been living in Barcelona for many years. Totally recommended! Not too far from La Seu, in Carrer Comtal, you have Formatgeria Simó ( which has also a great variety of Catalan cheeses.

Note too there are often street fairs that offer traditional products, such as cheese, honey, spices, herbal remedies and other handmade products. One place in which it's common to find one is Plaça del Pí (pronounced plah-sah-dal-pee), near La Rambla, on certain Saturdays.

For info, cheese ("formatge" in Catalan, the local language) is sold as well in charcuteries/delicatessen ("xarcuteries" in Catalan) and there are many across the city.

Map of types: (only in Catalan, sorry!)
Good brochure from the Catalan Association of Dairy Breeders and Artisans Cheeses Producers:

Some info on cheeses produced in Catalonia:

PS: I've been mentioning Catalan cheeses because you're going to be in Catalonia (
you know: go local!), but you can also find cheeses from other regions of Spain as well as French and Italian

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Thanks my friends. I think I saw the cheese shop you mentioned, not far from Via Laetiana in a past visit. Looks very interesting, even they have gelatto of cheesse (wooow!)

Counting the days to visit my loved Barcelona!