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Gibraltar to Ronda by public transportation

We are traveling from Gibraltar to Ronda and I am wondering what the best plan would be. I see a train from Algeciras or San roque, but am not sure which connections by bus would be easier since I see the San Roque train station is quite a ways from the bus station. Thank you.

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I have never been there, but it's really uncommon to walk out of a bus or train station in Europe and not see taxis waiting. Now, how honest the drivers are in that particular place, I don't know. I'd be surprised if there's not a public bus that includes the two stations in its route.

Actually, the M-121 bus from La Linea seems to go very near the train station, maybe to the train station. Check here: However, the bus runs very infrequently; refer to the schedule here. I recall from earlier posts about Gibraltar on this forum that it is quite difficult to get there efficiently without a car.

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I looked at Of course you have to check the info, it isn't always accurate.

They show the M-121/M-272 bus (operated by Transportes Comes) or the M-121 (operated by CTMCG) from La Colonia (in La Linea) to San Roque, then the train to Ronda. I'd check the bus schedules with the bus companies and the train schedule on Renfe or According to rome2rio, the distance between the bus and train stations in San Roque is 90 meters.