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get from Santiago de Compostela to Porto

Well, the only schedule I've found in early October is a bus at 1650/1850 or thereabouts - unable to book so far. Tried Renfe and it says there are no trains. Anybody know any better way...I'd kinda like to get to Porto earlier to have more time to look around. thanks

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October is a long way away, so the full bus schedule is not available.
Same for Renfe, October schedules are not available yet.

For trains, if I look in July there are only 2/day between Vigo and Porto, one around 9 AM and one around 7 PM. And to get to Vigo for the ~9AM train involves leaving Santiago before 7 AM.

The bus looks better: in July, Alsa has several buses throughout the day, taking 3.5-4 hours.

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We took the bus. Cheaper and easier as it goes directly to the airport from Santiago bus station. The train had a change, took longer and was more expensive. I think the bus takes about 4 hours?

Do spend some time in Porto, it is a gorgeous city. We landed there and started walking our Camino the same day, but we only came from Frankfurt. At the end of our Camino, we bussed back to Porto and spent 2 days there exploring.

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Merci and Vielen Danke!

I wondered if it might be because I'm checking too early, but most places I've traveled on the continent (including France and Germany) the schedules are posted waaaaay in advance.

Doing the camino from St. Jean to Santiago, then heading down to Portugal...OMG I am so excited. eric

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I just finished my Camino last week! 40 days of walking, but I started in Pamplona this time. Did sjpdp start last time.
You will love it.
I have a youtube channel of my walk, Camino for Everyone, if you are interested.