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Gatwick to Valencia

My friend and I are going to Valencia, Spain over Christmas/New Years via Gatwick airport (flights from Canada to Gatwick already booked). We now need to book flights from Gatwick to Valencia...should we book now, last minute or otherwise?

Thanx for your suggestions, Suzanne

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Airfare is far more likely to increase than decrease if you wait. Holiday breaks to Spain must be quite popular from the UK.

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List of all destinations flown from Gatwick, and airlines, here:
Easyjet is the only airline flying from Gatwick to Valencia.

Prices only ever go up. Buy today, if not sooner, direct from Easyjet:
This is peak holiday time, flights fill up early. For the week between Christmas and the new year they are already well over £100. For the first week in Jan they are lower, £25-£80.

Are you intending to fly into Gatwick and out again on the same day?
There is a big risk in doing that. If the first flight is late and you miss the second, you will have to buy a new ticket, at maximum fare, and possibly stay in a hotel overnight. Easyjet has no refunds for missed flights, and a strict deadline of 40 minutes to be at check-in. I you miss the flight they will not wait.

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I am going away the first few days of January (from Gatwick to Spain) and I booked the EasyJet flights months ago. When I looked recently, prices have increased significantly for my travel dates, so as prices will be much higher between Christmas and New Year, I wouldn’t delay booking. The best prices would have been available in the summer. You risk limited availability if you leave it much longer.