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Flying into Madrid, Spain and out of Lisbon, Portugal. Must go to Morocco and have 17 days.

Hi- I will be traveling with my 2 daughters, 18 and 21. Flying into Madrid on May 18th staying there for 3 nights and then wanting to go to Morocco and then flying out of Lisbon on June 5th. I'm having a terrible time planning it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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You are very spare with the detail.
So -
1. Confirm, you want no further time in Spain but three days in Madrid?
2. Where, what do you want to accomplish and how much time in Morocco?
3. Ditto, Portugal?

There are flights direct from Madrid to several locations in Morocco. See or skyscanner, for example.
There are trains to Algeciras and Tarifa for ferries to Morocco.
There are flights direct from locations in Morocco to Portugal.

Frankly, this is very late in the day.

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Can you give us ANY more details? We would be happy to try to help you, but have nothing to go on in your question. Where do you plan to spend the bulk of your time? How do you want to get to Morocco and how long do you want to stay there? Are there specific sites you want to see in Spain or Morocco? If you can give us more information we can give you lots of suggestions, but without it we are just guessing at what you might like.

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We are totally flexible. My husband/father gave this to us as a gift. It has been years since I've been to Spain and Portugal. The girls have never been. We'd like to split our time up. We can fly to Morocco - I don't know anything about Morocco and will take any suggestions. We can take trains or rent a car. We are adventurous, like to hike, the beach, sight see. We don't have to stay on the beaten path. We love to experience the foods and really want to see as much as we can realistically. The flights are set, so I'm not flexible with that. Otherwise the skies the limit!

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We're traveling to Morocco and Spain soon. It's not clear how much time you want to allocate to Morocco but it can take a bit of planning. We're dividing 11 nights between Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech with some day trips from each.

Here's one itinerary based on research we've done for current and past trips:

Madrid: Spend 3-4 nights

Train to Seville: Spend 3-4 nights

Fly Seville to Marrakech (we're flying Ryanair)--decide where you want to visit in Morocco and how much time for each. For simplicity, you could spend 4 nights in Marrakech--perhaps 2-3 nights in Essaouira on the coast--then back to Marrakech to fly back to Seville. You could also skip Seville and fly from Madrid to Marrakech--also on Ryanair.

If you go to Seville then, bus from Seville to Portugal--perhaps Salema (2-3 nights) on the coast.

Bus to Salema to Lisbon (2-3 nights).

There are many possibilities--this is just one! At this point, I'd keep it simple since your trip is just a few weeks away.