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Flying from Madrid to Lisbon - need advice

I am planning to fly from Madrid to Lisbon and have been checking Skyscanner for flights.
1) Has anyone purchased a ticket directly from the SkyScanner site? If so, were there any problems?
2) Does anyone have a preference for an airline from Madrid to Lisbon? TAP and Iberia appear to be the best options. But, I wanted to check in with my Rick Steves forum gurus for any advice.

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I flew Sevilla to Lisbon on TAP. Purchased flights from TAP directly for ~$75 one way. Flight was a good experience. I would book on which ever airlines has the best price and meets your schedule.

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  1. You do not purchase directly from the Skyscanner site, it is a facilitator and links to whichever.
  2. For a journey of such a short duration I would not care and would go with the cheapest which suited my itinerary.