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Floor Plan - Royal Palace, Madrid

Rick Steves' book doesn't provide a floor plan of the Royal Palace in Madrid.

The Planetware website has one which is reproduced from Baedeker - see it here:

This map is pretty good, but I can only manage to map it partially to Rick Steves' self-guided tour because quite a few of the rooms are named differently and/or somewhat ambiguously.

Has anyone located a better floor plan to use in conjunction with Rick's guide book?


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I believe you are given a floor plan when you enter with your ticket...If not, there should be one in the gift shop.

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Excellent! It would be great if the guidebook were to mention this, right at the start of the description of the self guided tour!

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Thanks for that feedback. I do note that the book says "you'll follow a simple, 24-room, one-way circuit on a single floor." That means you don't have a choice ; )

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You recieve a floor plan at ticket purchase and can purchase more detailed plans in the gift shop (which you enter after buying your ticket). The tour can be long and there is no place to sit after you start entering the rooms. Forthrightly, the rooms all started to blend together after the 6th over the top room of opulance.