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Flight prices

Hi. We booked to fly to Malaga for the May half term 2020. The flights were booked way before COVID. They were from Cardiff to Malaga. Our flights were cancelled but a credit note was issued to use before June 2021.
Veuling have released their flights today. For four passengers we paid 900 Euro's for May 2020. For May 2021 half term when we planned to visit they are now 2000 Euro's.
I understand that money needs to be recouped but double!!
I cannot afford to pay the additional 1100 Euro's but they have a no cancellation policy.
Surely there must be something I can do?.
Any advice is welcomed

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I am sorry to hear of your challenging situation. In your place, I would simply wait to see if prices go down. I can’t imagine that they will go up! If the price remains the same you will have a tough decision, lose the 900 you paid or spend another 1100. Not a fun choice.

I would suggest there is also another good reason for waiting. The Covid -19 situation is so fluid and unknown. Waiting until closer to the time of your trip makes sense.

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My experience, I have received the best flight prices for my April/May trips buying them in late Aug/September the previous year. I think even looking at flights for May 2021 is way to early. That is still at least 7-8 months in advance. As mentioned there are way too many unknown's regarding airlines to put my money down on a specific flight right now.

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I would also wait, nerve-wracking as that might be. With flights opening up only recently, I suspect pricing algorithms for next year are all over the place and even for May half-term that price seems unsustainable. I'd see how things settle down later in the year, especially when more competition is running.

Just as an aside, does the credit note require using Cardiff, is it more a restricted voucher? If prices are still dear in a few months, can you switch to Bristol or Birmingham (perhaps Vueling don't use those two, but my general point is if you're allowed more flexibility when re-booking to use the credit as cash?).

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Hi Nick

Thank you for your reply.

Cardiff is the only direct flight with this particular airline.

We will hang fire for now and review later in the year.

Thanks again!

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Surely there must be something I can do?

Don't use a single price quote as your anchor. There is plenty of time beforehand to check back as prices change constantly. Also, in the worst case, you may have to switch your travel dates; so the more flexible you are, the better.