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Flamingo dancing tour

We are on a cruise and are going to be in Barcelona in October and would love to find a tour/tour guide that can take my parents to a Flaminco show in the daytime. Any suggestions? Thank you

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The best place to see flamingoes is the Delta del Llobregat near Barcelona airport.

If you want flamenco, you are unlikely to find any authentic daytime shows. It’s a nighttime activity. Flamenco is from Andalusia, not Barcelona, but there are places, catering mainly to tourists in Barcelona. Covid may have culled some of these venues. Is a night show a possibility?

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I opened up this topic because I was curious about the dancing flamingos! I thought this would be a question about Florida.

Maybe the OP could correct the misspelling?

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You may be surprised to know that "flamenco" (not flamingo) is just seen in a few areas of Spain, despite the fact that almost everyone identifies this country with it. You will not see it in the north, west or central areas (except in touristy places in Madrid), and it´s best seen in Andalusia, specially Seville and Córdoba. In Barcelona it´s aimed at tourists, it does not belong to Catalonia (except for the immigration coming from the south).

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We saw a flamingo show in Barcelona several years ago, it was good, but didn't match the amazing one we saw in Andalusia earlier.

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It may just be autocorrect (does it to me all the time)...

Maybe this will help ( I agree that "daytime" is an odd time for a show unless it's catering strictly to tourists. Depending on where you live in the US, your parents may be able to catch one locally. Here in the DC area, we have access to authentic flamenco (traveling from Spain), although not in a bar atmosphere.

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do you think we have enough piling on for a simple typo?

Nobody else here ever been a newbie?

Welcome, Lisa and Joey - I hope you find what you are looking for for your parents...

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The link Agnes provided lists some venues, such as, Palacio del Flamenco, Tablao Cordobés, Tablao Flamenco de Carmen and Flamenco Art at Palau de Música

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona -