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Flamenco in Seville/Madrid with 4.5 year old


I am looking for recommendation for flamenco performance to see with our 4.5 year old daughter. We are staying in Madrid for 2 days & in Seville for 2 days,

Thank You!!

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Rick's flamenco recommendation in Sevilla was great for us in 2002, and southern Spain is the heart of flamenco. Madrid, as the capital city, has flamenco, too, but Madrid is outside of flamenco's original home. I don't have access right now to a current Rick Steves Spain book, but that's one place to look for a sure flamenco bet in either city.

I recall an entry on Rick's blog a while back about a child (don't know exactly how old) who was terribly frightened and upset by a firey, stomping flamenco dancer, whose face was contorted in an angry expression while she performed her staccato routine. The kid was in the front row, an arm's length from the dancer, and cried the whole time. Rick suspected the child was too young to understand and appreciate the passionate dance, and said he'd seen this happen before. Your 4.5 year-old may not have the same reaction, but I thought I'd mention it. Perhaps explaining what flamenco is all about beforehand, if a child didn't already know, might help ensure it's an enjoyable experience.

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Why ?? You could visit the flamenco museum in Seville during the daytime to see costumes, hear music and watch short film displays of dance steps, but the flamenco performances would probably be after her usual bedtime. If the weather is warm, an evening paseo culminating in a visit to one of the ice cream shops might be a bigger hit.