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Flamenco in Barcelona

On RS tour 10/20-27. Would like to attend a flamenco performance in Barcelona. Suggestions?

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Ask your tour guide is a great suggestion.

In 2017, we saw a great Flamenco performance at the Palace of Catalan Music. Check their website - you won't be sorry.

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We did the Tablo Carmen in Barcelona. It was pretty good. We had tapas with the show.

Flamenco is an Andalusian dance not Catalonian. The best flamenco show that I have seen was in Torremolinos, costa del sol.

The Barcelona Flamenco dancers didn't use the castanets like they did in Torremolinos.

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As mentioned, flamenco is not native to the Catalan culture here in Catalonia -much like tango isn't in New York!- so it's possibly not the best place for a flamenco performance. Southern Spain is the best place for this.

Having said that, as in other cosmopolitan cities, there are theatres and auditoriums where one can find, from time to time, performances on all sort of genres, both national and international. I'd suggest to follow the program of Palau de la Música Catalana and also l'Auditori to see if any flamenco group is visiting the city anytime around your stay. Generally speaking, the quality of the performers in these two institutions is pretty good.

There are also a handful of establishments in the city offering "a flamenco show + diner". The general consensus is to avoid these as they're expensive, the show is quite tacky and food is awful. These are geared to unsuspected visitors and are considered a-bit-of-a-tourist-trap. But again, there's no accounting for taste of course. Perhaps the 'only' exception would be the flamenco shows at Palau Dalmases, which some have labelled as 'half-decent'. But again... taste...

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Although Enric’s excellent recommendations need no seconding, L’Auditori and the Palau de la Musica are great music venues. I’ve had memorable evenings at both over the years.

Attending any performance at the Palau is the best way to experience this amazing architecture.

Flamenco at Palau during your dates:

If you like jazz and want to experience something a little different, the Catalan flamenco guitarist/composer Chicuelo is presenting an evening of flamenco-jazz fusion at L’Auditori on October 25. His trio includes jazz pianist and percussion. In the past, this trio has included guests such as Yo Yo Ma on tour.

A little taste:

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I'm a little late to answer but flamenco at Palau Dalmases 2 years ago was breathtaking. Great small venue, the quality was of the performance was a+. We did see Flamenco a few times in Madrid and Sevilla as well.