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First trip to Spain

My partner and I will be spending 10-14 days in Spain this October. We will fly in and out of Barcelona. Main points of interest will be Barcelona, Seville, and Granada. I’m also interested in the white villages of Andalucia. We have traveled by train extensively in Italy. Any suggestions re Andalucia would be appreciated. Walking over 3 miles can be an issue at times. Muchas Gracias, Joe

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White towns are hill towns. Decide if that is also an issue. Granada can also be hilly, so choose hotel wisely. The old Albacin area will be atmospheric often with views of the Alhambra, but roads are narrow and steep and not all can accommodate taxis or buses.
Should it matter, all trains from Barcelona to Andalucia go through Madrid, do it may open up the idea of including that city in the plan...if you like world renowned art museums.

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Maria and Nick, thank you both for your replies. We have thought about spending 3/4 days in Barcelona ( perhaps including a day trip to Girona.)Then take the long train ride to Granada, then Seville, and basically working our way back to Barcelona.

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I would ignore southern España as the distances from/to Barcelona are large. Don't waste your time traveling.
I would consider:
Sitges - 3 days, a good beach town
Zaragoza - 3 days

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Try and arrange your schedule to be in Granada on the weekend as the town is so much fun, wedding parties, people dancing in the street. Depending on what time you land I would fly directly out of Barcelona and to either Seville or Granada saving your stay in Barcelona for the end of your trip. For me Barcelona would only be two nights as it is such a big city and I don't find it charming. But there are such cheap flights in and out of there I will be back in October too. Seville could easily be 4 nights, Granada 3, and Cordoba 2 (on a first trip). As far as big cities I like Madrid much better than Barcelona and 3 nights is not too much. The hill towns are so beautiful in Spring I would save them for another trip and use a car to be able to see the country side. You said 10 to 14 nights so I guess you have not bought your tickets yet? If not, then look at buying a ticket thru the south of Spain: Seville, Granada or Malaga
rather than in/out of Barcelona. Malaga has good bus connections to other towns in southern Spain. Enjoy yourself. J

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Hi from Wisconsin,
Spain is a big country. Don't confuse it with some US state like Wisconsin. It is more like Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois put together. Taking the AVE (fast train) from Barcelona to Grenada is 6 and 1/2 hours, one departs at 3PM arrives 9:30PM. Madrid is only 2.5 hours. Maybe you have been to Madrid. It is a very different city than Barcelona.

10-14 days. I hate to be the person here that brings up reality. Spain is big and sitting on a train or fighting airports is no way to enjoy what Spain has to offer. If you say 14 days, is day one when you get on the plane in the US?. And then over night before landing in Spain tired as a dog waiting until 2PM to check in to your hotel? I don't know your departure flight time, but days 13 and 14 might be heavily occupied by getting home.

About day 7 or 8, you will need a nap in the afternoon. A perfectly normal thing to do in Spain.

I suggest building a calendar starting with day 1 and working your to day 14.

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