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First tourists arrive back in Spain after 3 months

The first batch of Germans ready for fun in the sun arrive on Mallorca on Monday as part of a tourism pilot program aimed at testing coronavirus safety measures:

"At 10.54am on Monday, a flight from the German city of Düsseldorf arrived at the Palma de Mallorca airport in the Balearic Islands carrying the first foreign tourists to have visited Spain in three months. On board the plane, chartered by the TUI travel group, were a total of 189 passengers, including around 20 journalists. The rest were German tourists who will kick off the archipelago’s summer vacation season as part of a special tourism pilot scheme. Thanks to this program between Germany and the Balearic Islands, visitors will be able to enter Spain before the country officially reopens its borders with all European Union and Schengen-area countries late in the month, without the need for a two-week quarantine."

"Few would have thought that the arrival of a group of German tourists in the Balearic Islands would have been big news. But the terminal was filled with journalists from dozens of media outlets tasked with covering the arrival of 200 residents from Düsseldorf. I am very happy to have come. I have been coming here for more than 10 years and I feel very safe. I am going to the Riu Concordia Hotel in Palma beach,” said Gabriela, who will spend a week in Mallorca with a friend. Both admitted that they were not tested for Covid-19 before catching the plane. “We are very pleased to have come, it is a great opportunity,” her friend added, while police officers tried to maintain order as reporters swarmed to interview the arrivals."

“I am staying in Palma [in Mallorca] the last time I was here was in January in our apartment and then they cancelled everything. I have been very sad because I love the island and the Spanish people,” said George, who has an apartment close to Manacro, but will spend a few days in a hotel in Palma beach. “I think the Germans want to come because they feel safe,” added Kalsten, who arrived with just a backpack."

You can read more here:

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It just goes to show you... Germans love Mallorca.

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Hi Carlos, I still remember how helpful you were when we were planning our April 2019 trip to Spain! :-)

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Hi Kent, it's good to hear from you, I hope all is as well as can be during these interesting time ;-)

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Carlos, look on the other Spain thread, another couple need your help!
I already told them how helpful you were to us. :-)