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Final details for trip! - Car rental, Tangiers guide

We leave in 3 weeks for Southern Spain. We'll be renting a car in Malaga (family of 4) and dropping it off in Madrid about 10 days later. I've been pricing it out and just can't really tell what websites to trust! My parents are there and can theoretically rent us something internally, which may be cheaper. was recommended, but now I'm hearing sketchy things about them. Anyone have a good experience with a particular rental car company? :)

Also, one of our side trips will be to Gibralter/Tangiers with a night in Tarifa in between. The Tangiers portion is something we want to leave flexible in case we decide to do a few less things. We don't want to do a tour group, but like Rick's suggestion of a private guide. Do we have to reserve ahead (if it's not too late) or is there a good way to choose someone when you get off the ferry?

Everything else is pretty well settled and reserved, but these 2 things have been neglected until the end!

Thanks in advance!

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I rent cars in Europe all the time. I simply go to Priceline and plug in my dates and choose the cheapest car. Reserve it (you don't prepay) then I will check back a few times and see if prices have gone done. Often times they do... if so, make a new reservation and cancel the old one. I rented in Malaga and had no problems. I don't remember which company but I usually stick with Hertz, Avis, etc... one that I know, and they are usually the cheapest. I will never prepay for my car as you never know what could change, and in years of renting I have had the price go down more often than not.

Edit... all the flooding in Paris and many roads closed in France leave lots of people with prepaid rental cars they cannot use... just one more reason not to prepay:)

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Licensed local guides used to wait right inside the Tangier ferry terminal but they may have to wait outside now. You can talk to one and see if you like his attitude and command of English and tell him what kind of visit you want. You might also agree to just a touring for a couple of hours and then reassess whether you're happy with what you're getting. Don't be shy about asking questions as you go, on topics of interest to you.

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Thanks so much. What's an average rate for a guide for a few hours or a half day? I'm assuming there will be some negotiating on price.

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We, and others here, have had good luck with AutoEurope for car rentals. They are a broker so you end up getting your car from a regular car rental company. For us a couple of weeks ago it was from Europcar.

We were in Tangier one week ago tomorrow. We made our arrangements through Aziz Benami, and it was a superb day. He arranged ferry tix, the guide met us at the dock, he and the driver showed us the sights, we had lunch, and they returned us to the ferry at the end of the day. Aziz is listed in the RS Spain guidebook, 2016 edition, page 875. If you have questions, let me know.

Have a great trip.

P.S. We're just down the road from you.