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Figures - luggage storage for Dali Museum - recent experience?

Hi All,

In the past, there have been posts about train travelers stopping in Figures (with luggage in tow) to see the Dali Museum. This 2016 post indicates there is storage at the bus station across from the train station or suggestions the museum may hold luggage. The third printing (May 2023) of the Rick Steves Barcelona guidebook states luggage storage at bus station and Dali Museum. I did also check the Spain guidebook updates (no changes noted), however our itinerary depends on this approach (see below).

Does anyone have recent experience with this situation or knowledge of the area to advise further?

My family of four (carry-on luggage only) is considering staying in Girona for a night or two, going onto Paris by train. We'd like to see the Dali Museum, so I see three options:

  1. We arrive in Figures by train directly from Barcelona, see the museum and then to Girona for our overnight (depart for Paris from Girona)
  2. We arrive in Figures by train directly from Girona, see the museum and then onto Paris via afternoon TGV
  3. We arrive in Girona by train directly from Barcelona, then do a "day" (or half day) trip to Figures by train (depart for Paris from Girona)

In situation 1 or 2, we'll have luggage. Situation 2 seems most transportation efficient (no backtracking at all).

But obviously, need a solution for luggage or 3 is the only option.

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I don't know the luggage-storage situation in Figueres, but there's an additional wrinkle you may not be aware of:

Figueres has two train stations. There are trains from Barcelona/Girona going to both of them, but Figueres-Vilafant Station gets the fast trains while Figueres Station gets the slow trains.

Unless something has changed since 2016, which I think is unlikely, the bus station in Figueres is right outside the Figueres Station. If you take a fast train from Barcelona or Girona, you'll arrive at Figueres Vilafant, which is a bus (or taxi) ride away from the bus station. You could walk, but I bet it would take roughly 30 minutes (maybe longer with luggage). That would be annoying, but it gets worse: If you are hopping on another fast train after seeing the Dali Theatre-Museum, you'll have to repeat the process, walk from the DT-M to the Figueres Station and then getting yourselves from there to the Figueres Vilafant Station. If your timing is great, you'll be able to take a city bus. Otherwise, it will be taxi time. One bit of good news: I'd expect taxis to be available at the bus station.

I'd recommend calling the Dali Theatre-Museum to see whether it's in a position to store your luggage. Because of the geography, I'm sure quite a lot of people would like to do what you're trying to do.