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FC Barcelona

My wife and I are gearing up for an April trip to Barcelona and we're interested in catching some European football at its most storied via an FC Barcelona match. The team website notes "the official date and time of the match will be confirmed at the latest 8 days before the scheduled date." My first reaction as a U.S. sports fan was surprise that team schedules can be flexible. That said, does anyone have experience with this situation? Are tickets difficult to procure or can we, if need be, just wait to the day and stroll up to a box office and purchase a pair? Many thanks.

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The kick off times are pretty variable to accommodate the choices of the TV companies. This happens in England perhaps to lesser extent.
I have been to a couple of Real Madrid Barca matches at the Camp Nou but as part of a package from the UK. I think your chances of buying a ticket on the day will depend on who they are playing when you are in the city. If it is Real Madrid or Atletico you need to get you tickets in advance. For a lot of the other games although there might be 60,000 in the stadium that does leave a lot of spaces.