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Fatima to Sarria, Spain

Can anyone tell me how we might travel from Fatima, Portugal to Sarria, Spain other than by car? Thank you.

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My guess only - this will be a very convoluted four or five bus and train journey over about 10 to 12 hours.
I do not have complete trust in for accuracy but it will certainly give you close.

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The Sarria Tourist Office indicates Renfe train service to northern Spain, but service between there and Portugal always requires a few connections. I have not found confirmation of these train schedules through the Renfe site.

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Thank you both. We decided to fly to Madrid instead of to Lisbon. We'll rent a car and drive to Sarria. We will put off a visit to Fatima for another trip.

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My suggestion would be take a train to Santiago de Compostela, if possible. Then catch the bus to Sarria from Santiago. If you are doing the Camino then you can walk back to Santiago from there. We did this reverse trip in 2011 and were able to store some of our luggage in Santiago and picked it up when we completed our walk.