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Experiences/comments about Turkish Airlines?

Greetings. Does anyone have thoughts about flying Turkish Airlines? They have a direct flight from O'Hare to Madrid at an irresistible price at the moment. Too good to be true?

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Flew Turkish Airlines once-a connecting flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt. I would not hesitate to fly with them again. I would say the breakfast we were served was some of the best airline food I've had on any flight! And we were flying economy! It was a lovely flight and based on (admittedly) that one experience, I would definitely fly with them again.

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I flew Turkish Airlines all the way to Ankara, Turkey this year and I was impressed. I did fly economy and they're entertainment system was excellent.

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Turkish Air was great. The food, in particular, was much nicer than US airlines on trans-Atlantic routes - and this was in coach.

But Adam is right - all of their routes from North America to Europe go through Istanbul, which can add many hours to the flight. If it's a nonstop flight from ORD to MAD, it's on another airline and is just showing as a Turkish Airlines codeshare, so you won't be flying on Turkish "metal."

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I've flown Turkish Airlines many times regionally, both flights from Europe (e.g. Rome, Frankfort) and between cities within Turkey. The regional flights have been good (decent seats and food). They're a good option, especially if you find a good airfare. I've never flown them on international long-haul flights, however.

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I had the good fortune to fly TA last Fall ORD-IST-FCO and return with a 24-hour layover in IST from Chicago and from Rome. Best flight ever and IST was amazing! I wouldn't hesitate to fly TA again - I usually fly United partners. TA food is great, staff are beautiful people, seats are comfy and come with great additions like a box of toiletry items. And, there's the Turkish Delight served at boarding. Great airline!

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I loved flying Turkish Airlines this past February, LA to Paris. When my sister told me about this flight, I also was like "Which airline,again?" and even though we thought it was crazy to spend a 20 hours layover in Istambul, (a city we had no previous desire to visit),we took the chance (and the great price!) and it ended up a decision we really enjoyed. The service, the food, and specially the opportunity to visit this great city! I dont think youll have any regrets!

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I've flown Turkish on 3 trips in the past year (10 flights). Overall it's been great. The seating is comfortable, the food is very good, and the in-flight service is better than many. They are with Star Alliance, so check what airline operates the flight. It could be a not-nearly-as-nice one. The negatives I noticed: the cabin maintenance isn't great - about 1/2 the time, my seatbelt expanded with any pressure at all. A seat in business class didn't recline. A couple of times the power outlet was broken - but then on other airlines there aren't any. The USB port worked, so I was able to use that.

If you are flying through Istanbul, there are pitfalls. Sometimes the connecting times are awkwardly long, too short to get into the city, too long to amuse yourself at the airport. Sometimes they are pretty short - you can get through Attaturk airport in less than 1.5 hours, but your luggage will likely be delayed.

The website isn't that great. For instance you usually can't choose a seat online, you have to telephone their office to do that or other requests. On flights to the U.S. they allow 2 free 23 kg. bags. The cabin baggage allowance is small though - smaller dimensions (though other airlines seem to be making them just as small) and only 8 kg. but I didn't see anyone weighing the bags.