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Excellent podcast (in English) if you are going to Spain

When In Spain is a wonderful podcast by a British expat living in Madrid. The programs are in English and it gives you all sorts of insights into culture, day-to-day living, travel suggestions and real-life wanderings through neighborhoods in Madrid and throughout the country. Definitely worth checking out if you are planning on going to Spain.

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Great podcasts... but only if you're visiting "certain" areas of Spain, that is, but not for others, as Mr Burge seems to think Spain is a uniform country, which it isn't. What the heck, it isn't a "country" at all in the traditional sense but an amalgam of different cultures sometimes with little in common and often at odds with each other, it so happens that for historical reasons one imposed (by force) over the others and ruled ever since.

Thus, his podcasts -I've listened to a handful- reflect pretty well the "Spanish" (Castillian, Andalucian....) but not really the Galicians, Basques, Catalans or Valencians for example. I think it's important to clarify this because one then might visit these other areas, which technically are "in" Spain, and be surprised (or even disappointed) to find out that share little in common with the stereotypes portrayed in the podcasts. And, as we all know, visiting a place with the wrong stereotypes in mind can often cause misunderstandings and even upsets with locals, right?

Just sayin'

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Thanks for the recommendation! Looking forward to checking this out. Listening to podcasts is one of my favorite ways to drive;) Any travel docs/shows featuring Spain on Amazon Prime? Sofie Eats is a cute foodie show about Spain's cuisine. Any other possible video suggestions?