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Easter Saturday/Sunday in Malaga

We arrive Malaga at 7:30pm on Easter Saturday. We will leave for Granada the Monday after Easter. Any tips on what we should do? I know Easter Sunday is traditionally a family day. We will be in Granada two nights to tour the Alhambra then to Cordoba for one night. Sevilla for two nights, with a Sherry tour in Jerez. Then two night in Tangier (if ferry’s are operating etc.) then visit Gibraltar and spend one night in Rhonda, another night in Antequera and hike Torcal del Antequera then visit Toledo on our way to two nights in Madrid. Any comments on this plan are appreciated. Thank you!

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I think you are moving too fast. I'd definitely skip Tangier. Morocco is wonderful; Tangier isn't, and getting there requires quite a bit of transportation time. With flights from quite a few European cities to good Moroccan destinations like Fes and Marrakech, you can add some time in Morocco's more interesting areas to another trip to Europe; you don't have to settle for Tangier just because you're in southern Spain.

I haven't been to Gibraltar. It gets mixed reviews. But I wonder whether even its fans would recommend spending a day there when you have only two nights in Seville and Madrid and apparently just a few hours in Toledo and Cordoba.

You can find Rick's lists of his highlights for your major destinations right on this website:

Click on your destinations in the "Places" section and then on "At a Glance".

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The Picasso museum in Malaga is as good as or even better than the Picasso museums in much larger cities. There's also a branch of the Thyssen that is worth your time, too. {Assuming you like art.}

Picasso was born in Malaga, btw. Legend has it that when he was asked how to understand/appreciate cubism he joked that the way is to be from Malaga. With that in mind, take time to look up at the cityscape and skyline!