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Are we crazy to head to Spain (Granada, Seville) for Easter? Wondering what the crowds are like. We are first time visitors.

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Where are you going in Spain? Some cities pay more attention to Holy Week (it's not just Easter that is a special day) than others.

In the areas that are highly observant of Holy Week (which apparently do not include Barcelona), it is smart to allow yourself some extra time to get to the places on your sightseeing list. I found the festivities slowed me down in three ways:

  • Some sights were closed for partial or full days.
  • I wanted to see a bit of the processions (others would spend a lot of time doing that).
  • The big crowds along the processional routes slowed my progress as I walked around the city.

I would seriously plan fewer cities or a longer trip to allow for the inefficiencies you will experience.

I think most visitors would count it a plus to be in areas celebrating a major religious or secular festival, but it could be a concern for those who are uncomfortable in crowds or are traveling with children or the fragile elderly.

I spent nearly 4 weeks in Andalucía this year, arriving on April 10. The weather was generally very good, just a couple of chilly, wet days at the very beginning when I was in northern Andalucía (Ubeda/Baeza).