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Easiest way to get from Madrid Airport to Oviedo

I'm studying abroad in Oviedo, but before my program begins I will be spending about a week traveling in Spain with my mom. I would like to drop her off at the airport in Madrid for her return flight to make sure she gets where she needs to be before I continue on to Oviedo. Any suggestions about the easiest way to get to Oviedo from MAD airport?

I have looked into trains, but I don't know what the easiest way to get from the airport to the train station would be. I am also nervous about getting onto the right train at the right time in an unfamiliar area and language (I am especially opposed to having to switch trains midway) . I have seen flights as low as 66 euros, but I read the AUS airport is 45 minutes from Oviedo, so if I did fly in I am unsure of how I would get to Oviedo from there.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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I don't know the real answer, but perhaps some research related to Camino de Santiago routes might drop out some travel options. It's not that hard to get to Santiago de Compostella or Bilbao, but your destination is halfway between. However, we drove to Santiago de C, and left by plane, AFAIR. But it turns out to not be as "close" to London as we thought it would be, some years ago.

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It's only a 5-6 hour drive, so maybe a one way car rental or bus might work for you.

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The train will be the easiest way. It's cheap and fairly easy to use.
Renfe operates this route. You prebook the tickets online at (use PayPal to pay, it's easier).
Once you have your ticket, you will see that it has a code called Combinado Cercanias. This code allows you to travel free of charge from any Cercanias Madrid station to Madrid Chamartin station, where the Alvia train departs to Oviedo. Madrid Airport T4 has a Cercanías Renfe station, so from there you can take a free Cercanias train (C-1 and C-10 Lines) Timetables here, use Aeropuerto T4 and Chamartindirectly to Madrid Chamartin. Note that to obtain the free ride you must insert the code at any ticket machine so it prints a valid ticket to travel on Cercanías trains.
Chamartín is very easy to navigate, the main hall has all platforms, and it is very easy to locate your train with the screens.

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Joan, is there a way to get a Renfe ticket in English, or is the Renfe website the only option? I am not confident enough in my spanish to effectively navigate buying a ticket in Spanish.

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Click on "welcome" and the page will be on english. Some parts aren't translated, use google translator.
Promo fares are the cheapest, but they can't be changed neither cancelled, so yo stick to the train you have chosen.
Once you buy your ticket, you will get a PDF. This PDF is your ticket, you print it and you can hop on the train with that ticket.
The ticket will have a coach number, and a seat number, which will be reserved for you. Easy peasy.

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Book the next available flight to Asturias after your mother's departure. Bus transfer to central Oviedo on arrival.