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Early AM Barcelona flight

Planning trip to Spain in October. Looking at return flight 7:10 AM on a Sunday from Barcelona to Philadelphia. How realistic is taking metro, bus or taxi from Catalunya or Eixample early enough to make our flight?

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Unfortunately, the Aerobus doesn't start running till 5 AM, which I certainly wouldn't risk with a transatlantic flight hanging in the balance.

The same is true for the Metro. Edited to add: This is wrong. See Enric's correction below. The Metro runs all night Saturday night.

It appears your choices come down to a taxi or similar service or spending your last night at a hotel near the airport. It probably doesn't make much sense to relocate to an airport hotel, given that the airport is less than 10 miles from Placa de Catalunya. A taxi should not be exorbitant. However, there may well be a nighttime surcharge.

I'm sure one of our Barcelona experts will be along relatively soon to provide more specific information.

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Best to take a taxi, they are plentiful and cheap, one has no problems hailing them early in the morning for a ride to El Prat, I have done it many times.

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Taxi for sure. Took a bus once and it was a good thing I had plenty of time.

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I recall an early return flight from Barcelona and we took a taxi to the airport. It was prompt and gave us peace of mind.

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Taxi. At that time in the morning on a Sunday there will not be much traffic, but there will be plenty of taxis—having just finished ferrying clubbers and nighthawks to where they need be. And, you’ll be at Terminal 1 within 20 minutes from city center.
Anne Craven is correct .— you’ll be paying peak rate, but, partly depending on how many bags, the fare shouldn’t run to more than 40euros from the city center— obviously more if you ask your hotel to book your ride. Enjoy your visit.

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We had an early flight a number of years ago. We left our hotel in a taxi at 4:30 a.m. and arrived at the airport about 5:00 a.m. Check-in didn't open until 5:30 a.m.! I was annoyed.