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Driving Logrono to Valencia in early June - where to stop?

On June 12, our group of 5 adults will drive to Valencia after a few days in Logrono. Any recommendations on where to stop for lunch and perhaps a bit of sightseeing? (Unfortunately, the Palicio de la Aljaferia in Zaragoza will be closed that day...) Thank you!

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Teruel! A seldom-visited provincial capital with multiple mudejar towers and some other funky architecture. Teruel photos. Teruel is on a secondary rail line between Zaragoza and Valencia, but it's somewhat awkward to visit if you're primarily traveling through Madrid to reach southern Spain. You'll be driving right past it on the way to Valencia.

Or, if you'd prefer to go somewhere that's really a challenge without a car, I suggest the very atmospheric (and much smaller) Albarracin. Albarracin photos. The town has bus service, but it seems calculated to keep visitors away: inbound in the late afternoon, outbound early in the morning. In order to have more than just a few hours of daylight in town, you have to spend two nights there. Might as well make good use of your car! Albarracin would be a detour; ViaMichelin says it would add about an hour to your driving time.

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When I read the thread title my first though was "Albarracín!". I, therefore, second Acraven's recommendation. Teruel is also a very good call, if you'd rather go to a town than a village.
And if you are OK with an extra 45 minutes of driving time, the route via Soria and Calatayud is more enjoyable (as in enjoyably deserted) than the motorway via Zaragoza. Just watch your speed on the long, straight stretches of road.

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In addition those those already mentioned, I’ll add the small town of Daroca. It’s about midway between Logroño and Valencia. It has a charming main street and a couple minor sights one can visit; the old city gates and walls, the 1638 fountain of 20 spouts where each spout has a different carved face, and the Hermitage of Nazarete. You won’t find other tourists there. Parking was free.

If you do go to Albarracín there’s a couple kilometers walk around the base of the town if you have the time, Paseo Fluvial. Río Guadalaviar. Albarracín. We parked at Aparcamiento del Parque and it was inexpensive.

If you decide to take the route Balso suggested (no tolls), at Soria the Monasterio de San Juan de Duero and Ermita de San Saturio are worth visiting. There is a parking free at each site. I found Soria confusing to drive in with limited parking near the center, so I’d go someplace else for lunch.