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Drive or train -Granada to Madrid/Toledo in December?

My husband and I will be in Salamanca for almost a week in November, the company with whom we are working will then drop us at the train station in Madrid on Nov 25 or 26. We are loosely considering:
Train to Granada, rent a car, spend the p.m.
See the Alhambra, drive 110 miles to Ronda, spend the p.m.
Look around, drive 50 miles to Arcos, look around, drive 70 miles to Seville, spend the p.m.
Look around, drive 85 miles to Cordova, look around
Here's the question- should we drive BACK to Granada, drop car, train to Madrid and then day trip to Toledo, OR
drive to Toledo, spend the day, then drive 45 miles to Madrid and drop the car?
We have read the best Flamenco Dancing is in Seville at Cardamomo- True? Other?
We have a day or two of flexibility in here to adjust as we wish. We are EARLY risers. We mainly want an overview of each place. We have visited tons of museums on other travels and will not be visiting any this time. Thank you in advance.

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None of the above, maybe.

Unless you're really heavy on junk, drop the car in Toledo. Otherwise press on to Madrid with the car.

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Whether good bad, or indifferent I believe Cardomomo is in Madrid.

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How about
Train to Sevilla, spend the night,
rent a car, drive to Arcos or Ronda (I'd personally skip Arcos), spend the night,
drive to Granada, see the Alhambra, spend the night,
drive back to Sevilla to drop off the car, train to Cordoba, spend the night,
train to Madrid, day trip to Toledo or spend the night.
Have fun planning!