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Downloadable turn by turn GPS

I had an app that could be used without phone or Wi-Fi last time I was in Spain. I either can’t find it or it doesn’t exist anymore. Need it for walking at Ricks my way Spain tour. Anybody have it?

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Google maps. Download the maps that cover the area you’re going to be in before your trip. No wi-fi needed. Aslong as your smart phone has gps.

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I too use Google maps. It can give turn by turn directions or, when used like a gps, you can see your exact location in relation to where you want to go. I’m don’t know which app you’re referring to since you didn’t have it on a phone. If using downloaded Google maps on a tablet I think it may only give turn by turn directions.

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Unfortunately Google Maps in offline mode will only give you DRIVING instructions, not walking instructions. If walking the same way as you would drive is OK, then it is fine. I found out in Venice, where I had to go online to get a route to a boat :-)

You can still use it to see the maps and see where you are in offline mode.