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Does the 90 day rule apply to Europeans ?

I am european and I am planning to spend about 3 months in Spain this summer, strictly for tourism, not doing any business there. I was potentially thinking of making it a bit longer if i am having a good time(which i think will be the case).

I thought that the 90 day rule applies to non Europeans, like US or Canadian people, but i have been reading a few contradictory resources, stating that it applies to everyone. Is that so ?

Thanks !

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I am european

Which one?

I have not done any research, but I suspect citizenship in a non-Schengen 'european' country may have different rules than if you are a citizen of a Schengen country.

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I would think that logically, if your passport is from one of the Schengen countries, then the law limiting non Schengen tourists to 90 days would not apply to you.

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As a Greek citizen you're entitled to travel, live and work within Spain for as long as you like however this summer you're likely to have more fun in Greece than Spain as currently there are less coronavirus related restrictions in Greece. Mind you, half of Europe will probably be heading there too!

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You don't say JC ! Indeed, right now Greece has like 1-2 deaths on a bad day. Somehow our government managed to do something right for once.

The problem is that I have booked everything like 3 months ago :D The whole 3 month trip really, including airbnbs, hotels etc. I absolutely love what i have seen about Spain online and I do really like the language too, started learning it little by little.

Hopefully things will be better by July, when my arrival date will be. Spain is already doing much better than 1 month ago, although there are still some spikes. Let's hope this damn virus gets less and less relevant.

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hthought, what passport do you carry? I think that's the deciding factor, not where you're from.

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Have you contacted the Airbnbs and hotels to make sure they are still in business and able to take in tourists? I'm not sure of all the minutiae of Spain's COVID-19 opening rules. For instance, hotels unable to support social distancing might not be allowed to open, etc.

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I have, at least for my first 40 days or so. It may be a bit early for the other ones. But the ones in the first few days are open for business at the moment. At least that's what they told me. Frankly, it is a little scary going there this summer, but I think things will get even better in July. They definitely do look better than what it was like a month ago.

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From Directive 2004/38/EC as posted on the European Parliament website:
"For stays of over three months: EU citizens and their family members — if not working — must have sufficient resources and sickness insurance to ensure that they do not become a burden on the social services of the host Member State during their stay. Union citizens do not need residence permits, although Member States may require them to register with the authorities."

I think that if you are not intending to work (for a company or business entity based in your home country or any other Schengen country) or study beyond the first three months of your stay you will be required to register your stay with a local designated police station (comisaria) and show proof of adequate health insurance cover. If you are self-employed then you will be required to provide at least six months bank statements proving you have a ready balance to cover living expenses and proof of adequate health insurance cover for the intended duration of your stay.

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Interesting, yeah, as i said i was reading controversial things about it. My stay is like 35 days though, it won't be more than that, it's just slightly more. If i have to register I will, although 4-5 more days probably won't really be an issue i guess.

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You should check. Advice from the Spanish embassy in Greece would be a better source of advice than this forum.

A guide for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens – and their family members –
coming to live, work, or study in Spain.

EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens have the right to live and work in Spain
without a visa or permit.

If you’re staying longer than three months, however, you will have to register with the authorities and obtain a residence certificate,
which requires you to prove you can support yourself financially and
have healthcare insurance

European Union Citizens Moving to Spain

Find out how to go about being correctly registered to live in
Spain... In 2012 the Spanish Government introduced new legislation
requiring all EU citizens wishing to stay in Spain for longer than
three months to prove that they have the sufficient financial means to
support themselves and any dependents.
They may also be required to
provide proof of private or public healthcare insurance.