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I'm sure it must be problematic right now... but calling off would-be visitors to Malaga is certainly not something I would expect from someone said to be from Malaga.

For starters, any strike is something temporary, it might last a few days, or a week or two tops then everything goes back to normal. Many major cities have had this sort of "problems" from time to time... after all the right to protest and to strike is a pillar of any democratic system. Also, noting that a big chunk of the crowd visiting this forum is from the US, they do plan their trips long in advance -it's not so easy/cheap/convenient to cross half the world at short notice!- hence those that are planning to visit Malaga sometime soon and that might be now asking advice in the forum will be arriving into this beautiful city way after this strike will have finished and won't even be remembered.

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Well, good news, the strike already finish but Malaga won´t be totally clean until next wednesday or thursday!