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Discount train travel Seniors Spain

Can someone help me with the details for buying a discount card for seniors over 60? It says you need to purchase at a train station and when looking at purchasing train tickets, it allows you to check a box for discount card. So that is all identical to how it was in Great Britain, my question is, how do you get the application and what do you need to get the card? In England, I already had printed out the application, completed it and had the passport size photo as required so it was very easy to go to the ticket counter of a train station and obtain the discount card. We purchased all of our tickets before leaving the states so we could get the advance purchase pricing and we needed the discount card to show if asked to prove we were entitled to the senior discount.

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You’ll just need your passports as proof of age when buying that card at the Spanish station: It shouldn’t need a photo, but you should always be prepared to show your passport if asked for ID on a train. In addition to card-based discounts, simply purchasing early also brings a certain (usually generous) discount, similar to Britain.