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Directions to Montserrat

I will be in Barcelona the first week of August. Plan on taking a day trip to Montserrat. It seems that it is confusing to find the right train line from the station. R5? How do I find it and is that where I buy tickets? Or do I buy tickets somewhere else then try to find the train? Thanks. (*Enric I could use some help here!! :-)

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Perhaps you saw this site that makes it sound a bit difficult but then gives a lot of info. Rick's Montserrat guidebook chapter also includes instructions for navigating Barcelona's Placa d'Espanya station and says, among other things, that from the Metro, you "follow signs to Montserrat (they show a graphic of a train) to the FCG (Ferrocarils de Generalitat de la Catalunya) underground station." There's more. It should be easy to find and buy tickets there on the spot, once you are at the FCG area, before boarding the train.

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It is easy to find and signage is good. I would suggest buying your train ticket the afternoon of the day before or earlier. It was a massive line to get tickets then morning we went. Probably took an hour or more to get tickets. When we can back that afternoon there obviously was no line. The area in front of the ticket booth or machines is small so there are no real lines just a big mob pressing forward. We followed the directions on Steves' gudebook and it was fairly smooth. We did do a lot of walking as we hiked a number of trails about Montserrat.

Another suggestion. We got off one stop early to take the gondola up. Well worth it and a terrific view and approach to Montserrat. We also took the gondola back to the train stop later afternoon. By the time the train stopped for us it was already standing room only. So go to the train station instead of the gondola. Or take the gondola down and take the train up to the train station. At 5pm the train was empty when it went pass us on the way up but packed coming down.

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Take a bus instead. I believe the TI sells a day trip package that includes a ride there, ride back and time in between to explore. If not, the bus stations have English speaking information booths who can help you figure out the options and book your tickets.