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Delta to Spain covid test??

Anyone flown Delta to Spain since restrictions lifted Oct 21?
Did they want to see any test results?

Their Delta FlyReady emails, website & others say that technically I may need to provide a negative test since I’m not considered fully vaccinated. I know Spain is not checking but is Delta?
I leave on Tuesday!!
Thanks Julie

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Assuming you are a US citizen the US Embassy says Spain does require this information , so Delta will expect it.

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Spain could check, all countries do some type of health screening, usually behind the scenes with infrared imaging, basically looking for active fevers.

I think mostly what you are seeing is Delta warning you a test result "could" be requested, though they themselves will not require one.

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To the best of my understanding, if you’ve been vaccinated with at least one booster you’re fine. If you’ve been vaccinated only and it’s been more than I believe 270 days, someone could possibly ask for a test result.

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Iberia didn’t ask me anything about vaccines when I checked in last week.

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We had to show our vaccination certificate to the immigration officials at Barcelona airport in early October. They just glanced at it and waved us through.

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Of course if you had gotten a vaccination, you wouldn’t have to worry
about that would you?

OP has indicated that she is "not considered fully vaccinated" which would imply she has been vaccinated, perhaps just not boosted.

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I am very interested in this answer. I received the original two shot series (Pfizer), but I have not, nor will take any of the boosters. We are planning a trip in June. Will we just have to supply record of a recent negative test?

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Read the entry requirements for U.S. citizens on the State Department/embassy website. It was last updated in October. The Spanish Ministry of Health website also has information, but right at the top it says, “ NO COVID-19 HEALTH CONTROLS ARE CARRIED OUT UPON ARRIVAL IN SPAIN.”