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Dear Madrid

Dear Madrid,
It has been almost 2 months since we walked your streets. You have captured our hearts unlike any other European city. We have lingered in your tabernas, wandered in your museos, conversed with your sons and daughters. I have greedily consumed your many delicious offerings, drank your vino tinto with gusto. I have butchered your language only to receive kind smiles and forgiving English replies.
Now, you are in a prison. A prison assigned to you through no fault of your own. Your calles are empty, your iglesias too. The beautiful men and women who were so hospitable to my wife and I are now locked behind their own walls. You have lost citizens to this damned bug, family members and friends, loved ones and lovers, parents and children.
Madrid, please know that you and your people are always in our thoughts. You have been a most gracious host and we will always be grateful for that. We will return to you someday, we will devour your delicious fare and meander through your holy places.
Until then, know that you are loved, Madrid as well as all of Spain. We will see you soon. We will gladly wait for a seat in your tabernas and restaurants. May God bless Madrid and muchas gracias for all you have given us.


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Gracias, Bill, por esto.

Missed seeing you when you came to a meeting; I can't believe you came to the one of the few meetings I've missed! But Stan enjoyed seeing and talking to you again.

We're still meeting regularly, although we may have to rethink April. We met at LaFortune Park in March. It was cold, but we still enjoyed it.

Thanks again for posting this; we, too, love Spain, and are hopeful of returning there soon.